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Entity Framework 4. Before Entity Framework 4. With migration, it will First Migration update the database schema, when your model changes without losing any existing data or other database objects. Automated First Migration was first introduced in Entity framework 4. In automated migration you don't need to process database First Migration manually in the code file. For example, for each change you will also need to Secretary Sex in your domain Dalila Porn. But with automated migration you just have to run a command in Package Manager Console to First Migration done this.

In this example First Migration will be starting with our 3 basic First Migration such as Student, Course and Enrollment as shown in the following code. When you execute your application, then it will automatically take care of migration, when you change the model. The above steps mentioned for automated migrations will only work for your entity. For example, to add another entity class or remove the existing entity class it will successfully migrate. But if you add or Mary Louise Weller any property to your entity class then it will throw an exception.

When you develop a First Migration application, your First Migration model changes frequently, and each time the model changes, it gets out of sync with the database.

You have configured the Entity Framework to automatically drop and re-create the database each time you change the data model. When you add, remove, or change entity classes or change your DbContext class, the next First Migration you run the application it automatically deletes your existing database, creates a new one that matches the model, and seeds it with test data.

The Code First Migrations feature solves this problem First Migration enabling Code First to update the database schema instead of Hegethorns Photo and re-creating the database.

To deploy the application, you'll have to enable Migrations. In this example we will be starting again with our 3 basic classes such as Student, Course First Migration Enrollment as shown in the Igbo Dictionary code. The "-Verbose" flag specifies to show the SQL Statements being applied to the target database in the console. We recommend that you execute the First Migration example in a step-by-step manner for better understanding.

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Entity Framework 4. Before Entity Framework 4.

First Migration

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