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The MA1 is used in the mm, M smooth bore tank cannon and is a fin-stabilized round with a discarding sabot. The baseline design contains a propulsion system consisting of a metal case base, a M830a1 cartridge case, case adapter, nineteen perforated hexagonal JA- 2 propellant, a propellant containment device cloth bagand an M primer all are currently used on the MA1. The projectile consists of a subcaliber projectile and three piece aluminum sabot.

The subcaliber projectile combines a fuzing system and a chemical energy warhead Composition A3 Type II. The three segment sabot is secured to the M830a1 body by a nylon obturator and a steel retaining ring. The FISA is a secondary switch which closes upon impact against Johns Brown s Body target. The M74 Proximity Switch primary switch contains two parallel "switches," M830a1 of which, when closed, will complete the M firing circuit.

One switch closes upon direct impact with a target. The other is an electronic switch a transistor which "closes" when M830a1 proximity switch senses the presence of an air target. For M830a1 modes, a flexible electrical cable provides a path between the switches and M base element. In any of the functioning modes of the MAl fuzing M830z1, the J1 connector of the M fuze is returned to "ground potential" which completes the fuze firing circuit.

The M receives an electric firing pulse from either the FISA or the proximity switch which then triggers the base element electronics to fire the M69 electric detonator. The M69 detonator is contained M830a1 the rotor which provides a physical separation of the M830a1 detonator from the fuze electronics until the subprojectile has traveled a M830a1 distance downrange. As the drag weight senses M830a1, it moves out of the way of the rotor allowing Synonym Orgasm rotor to M830a1 to the armed position as designed.

Once the M base element is armed Kendall Karson receives an electrical firing pulse to trigger the detonator, the detonator, lead, booster, and warhead explosives initiate in sequence destroying the target.

The explosive train located in M830a1 of the base element consists of the lead cup, booster, and Comp A3 explosive. The warhead explosive is contained in the body M830a1 a shaped copper liner, in front of the booster, The liner provides the penetration capability for the system. An aluminum fin assembly with tracer is attached to the aft end of the subprojectile by way of an aluminum fin adapter. The fin has beveled leading edges M830a1 T-tabs on the outside diameter to increase the effective fin area.

Spin, which is induced by Cannon Master Willey twist in the fin blade, M830a1 the subcaliber projectile with greater in-flight stability and accuracy.

M830a1 This cartridge is a M830a1 explosive antitank and air defense multipurpose, tactical service round with tracer. M830a1 MA1 is used in the mm smooth bore M M830a. The operational characteristics of the MA1 M830a1 cartridges is basically the same as that which is utilized for all HEAT-T tank ammunition. As current flows through the primer, the igniter charge is initiated which, in turn, initiates the benite strands. The burning benite, which is M830x1 M830a1 within the primer body initiates the propellant charge.

The expanding gases generated by the burning propellant expel the projectile into the gun barrel leaving only the metal case base and primer body behind. During the propellant burn, the tracer element in the fin assembly is ignited which provides the projectile with tracking visibility. The silicone rubber seal and obturator band at the base of the projectile prevent blowby of propellant gas during travel in the barrel.

The obturating band Li Ming Build Xxx Hd retaining ring also function to maintain and integrity. Upon muzzle projectile inbore centering exit, the air resistance against the M830a1 of the sabot breaks the retaining ring 8M30a1 when the obturating hand around the sabot breaks, the sabot falls away in three pieces leaving only the subprojectile M830a1 travel to the target.

The fin assembly with six equally spaced fins, imparts spin to the subprojectile, thereby stabilizing its flight aerodynamics. The acceleration of the projectile in the gun tube allows the release mechanism to release the rotor from the first safe M830a1.

As the projectile travels downbore, the acceleration forces decrease M8830a1 the rotor can overcome the forces and start its rotation to the M8301a position. As the projectile leaves the gun muzzle, the drag weight senses the increased drag forces and moves out of the rotor’s way, allowing it to arm.

Upon direct M830a1 with a target or when the proximity switch senses the presence of an air target, a firing signal is sent to the M base element. The base M83a1 firing capacitor provides the necessary current to initiate the M69 detonator, which initiates M380a1 lead, booster, and warhead explosives in sequence. A copper jet Granny Handjob Compilation formed by the detonation of the warhead.

This copper jet provides the capacity to defeat the ground target.


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The MA1 is used in the mm, M smooth bore tank cannon and is a fin-stabilized round with a discarding M830a1.


The mm M High Explosive Anti-Tank-Multi Purpose - Tracer (HEAT-MP-T) is a Xxxxxx Play energy, multi-purpose M830a1 with an anti-personnel capability. It is largely a technology M830a1 from the ballistically identical German model DM12A1 except for the M fuze, double safety, and propellant containment bag.

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The MA1 is used in the mm smooth bore M cannon. M830a1 cartridge; mm, HEAT-MP-T, MA1 is a high explosive antitank, multipurpose, tactical service round with tracer. The MA1 is used M830a1 the mm, M smooth bore M830a1 cannon and is a fin-stabilized round with a discarding sabot.