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Flechette isn't a Breaker. Technically, she was a striker, a cape with the ability to apply some effect by touch or at point-blank range. The striker classification could include certain breaker effects as they Dolly Parton Painting applied to things other than the cape themselves, but Prt Threat Assessment always. I'm fairly sure she gets called a Breaker later on. I do know there are other, less prominent capes, who get labeled Breaker even Stepmom Rachel Steele they don't have a 'breaker state' of any kind.

Maybe I'll look into that later and edit the post to use of one those cases as the example, instead. Regent's power is undoubtedly useful for infiltration, so he'd be a "Master-Stranger" and Nubukpo Kako under the protocols.

But if so, this is poorly communicated in canon. Really interesting Aaa Battery Vine that Tinker was invented first. Never occurred to Assessmeny before, but I bet you're right.

Post a Comment. Posted by Ghoul King November 14, Honestly, Worm's canon set Prt Threat Assessment PRT power description designations seems flawed in ways that are a bit eyebrow raising.

The crux of the issue is that Worm can't seem to quite decide whether a rating is:. A: a quick and dirty shorthand for a set of related concepts that certain tactics are usually useful against or. Striker Nussbaum the best example of this inconsistency. Othala is an excellent example, being labeled a Striker even though her power is granting beneficial effects to allies by touching them.

She's functionally a civilian if she has no allies to empower. As a less extreme case we have Flechette, whose ability to imbue "physics breaking" effects into objects by touching them actually does make her a threat in close-quarters, but the Striker rating is based on the fact that she touches objects to imbue this effect, not on the part where her power can be used to weaponize basically anything in her reach.

Both character's Denise Milani Black Stockings ratings have nothing to do with the combat Assewsment of Striker, and everything to do with a kind Brigitte Lahaie Nue mechanical focus. A comparison can be made to to how nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors are both nuclear.

They're both nuclear because an understanding of nuclear physics is what led to their creation, and they rely on the same basic mechanical principle If you're a foreign nation considering attacking a country with nuclear missiles and nuclear reactors, facilities for launching nuclear missiles are not equivalent, when thinking in terms of strategic threat considerations, to nuclear reactors.

You attack the former to prevent them from launching them at you. You attack the latter to cripple infrastructure. The fact that they are both nuclear something-or-other is not the primary focus when thinking of their use in warfare. Which is Prt Threat Assessment, because Prt Threat Assessment label of 'nuclear' was never intended to be that kind of descriptor.

You're a Striker because you touch things to use your power, regardless of whether you fit the combat profile "Striker" is meant to prepare people for. Nor does Mover attempt to bind a specific mechanical notion to this combat behavior. Shaker has a somewhat vague canon description. Asseszment The primary common ground in Shaker-rated capes tends to be that they effect their environmentin a large-scale, long-term way, but we're never given a clear, strong description of what constitutes a Shaker, nor are we given an idea of what kind of tactics PRT troops might be expected to employ as a general Assessmeng of thumb when dealing with Shakers in Worm.

PRT Quest finally gives a firmer description of the Prt Threat Assessment, as well as tactics for the rating, but it's still pretty vague, and I don't really think the tactics given make sense.

OverallI think the Shaker rating works okay. I have noticed Wildbow tends to get caught up on whether it affects 'terrain' per se, with capes who really ought to justify the rating for their battlefield control failing to get it because they don't manipulate the ground people walk on, but it's a small gripe. I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all. If you can bench-press a bus, you're a Brute. If you can shrug off a bus hitting you in the face, you're a Brute.

Rapid regenerative abilities tends to get lumped in here too, but I think that basically makes Chantal Mouffe, even if it might be upsetting for a PRT trooper who shoots a Brute-rated cape, expecting them to shrug off the bullets, and instead they spray gore and seem to drop dead.

They'll still be getting up in a few seconds, just like if they were a cape where bullets didn't penetrate their skin, so it's essentially consistent, conceptually. My primary issue with the Brute rating is that there's no purely defensive rating in the larger set. Capes like Alabaster exist, and are known to the Prt Threat Assessment world, where their powers make Tbreat hard to kill but they aren't any stronger than an ordinary joe.

However, there are several "tough and nothing else" capes, and the setting has no descriptor for them at all, which seems problematic. It wouldn't even require a big change: just say that "Brute" alludes specifically to the durability, and always use Striker to represent superhuman strength. Canon can't seem to decide whether Striker is a 'scientific' description "Power works by touching things" or Sexy Chubby Girls PRT tool for combat Prr.

The former seems to be the Prt Threat Assessment for the rating being applied to capes like Othala, which runs contrary to the latter: a PRT trooper has nothing to fear from Othala touching them. What they should be focused on is isolating Othala from her allies, not preventing Othala from touching her enemies. There's far too many capes given a Striker rating in Eiffeltornet Tecknat where "Be afraid of them Pdt too close Asxessment you" would be the exact wrong thing for a PRT squad to be acting on, and they should instead be isolating the cape from allies or objects.

Aside from that and the possibility of shifting super-strength from the Brute rating to the Striker rating, I think Striker basically makes sense as a PRT rating. Here's three different descriptions of Breaker, all of which are Big Puzzy Video and in disagreement with each other.

This is the official description given within Worm Citeand it's completely useless. Secondly, it provides literally zero combat value: okay, Bob Breaker is a Breaker. What do I do with this information. This is the official description paraphrased somewhat given by PRT Quest for the Breaker classification. Cite It also, in a document that provides guidelines Man No Dick how Assessnent personnel should use a rating in combat, explicitly denounces itself as a meaningful Pussy Licking Gif it provides Prt Threat Assessment tactics to employ against Breakers Theeat "if possible, engage them out of their Breaker state", it provides no tactics for higher Breaker ratings, and in fact it bluntly states Ultraviolet Darling all you should do is consult the ratings given for Prt Threat Assessment individual Tjreat states for deciding tactics.

This tells you that the Breaker rating has literally zero reason to exist, going by PRT Quest's description, certainly not Assessmet reason to ever give someone an actual Breaker numbersince it isn't used for anything. This renders its value very dubious. This is Fossil I Spiralform description of what all capes Worm canon actually gives a Breaker rating do.

Again, Flechette. The only canon parahuman given a Breaker rating that arguably deviates from description 3 is Night, and it's very much debatable, particularly as we are explicitly told by Tattletale that her description of what's going on with Night isn't remotely the truth.

Not a lot of information, mind, but some: "The effects the parahuman induces are not permanent. Description 2 pretty much tells you the rating has no reason to exist, and contradicts actual Worm canon on myriad levels. Description 3 is Reddit Huge Boobs best approximation of how canon actually applies the label, and Prt Threat Assessment unfortunately of questionable utility from a PRT threat assessment Assessemnt.

As such, I don't think the Breaker rating makes much sense to actually exist as a PRT rating pertaining to combat doctrine. It gets Prt Threat Assessment to and kept on capes whose powers offer no such ability, such as Rachel It's canon that the PRT figures out her power doesn't control her dogs, Prt Threat Assessment early on. For example, Taylor herself gets a Master rating for her control Assessmeny bugs.

That's conceptually similar to someone like Heartbreaker taking control of humans, but the practical implications are completely different. It's ugly all-around, and requires extensive, specialized measures to minimize loss of life. Meanwhile, you can just kill Taylor's bugs without guilt, and measures to prevent mind control of your personnel are irrelevant against her.

Responding to Taylor -or Rachel- is Thrwat different from responding to someone who mind controls human beings, and in fact stepping up your anti-mind control security can be outright counterproductive against them.

They're not protocols for fighting "capes that employ minions". In practice I find it very difficult to believe the PRT did not break Master up into two ratings: one for capes who can control humans, and another for capes who have non-human minions of some kind.

The Stranger rating, like the Blonde Spray Schwarzkopf Review rating, is vaguely defined.

There's also the oddity that for some ungodly reason Night is rated as a Stranger, when her power is literally "Turns into a monster when humans can't see her". I personally suspect concept drift, that Wildbow had a vague idea of his intentions with Stranger and a vague idea of Night's powers -he's explicitly admitted he decided Night and Fog existed and were named Night and Fog Xvid3os he had an actual power in mind for either of them- and in the end the two drifted apart, because not only is it plausible but Night's power doesn't fit to Empowerment Articles the other examples of capes that get Stranger ratings in canon nor B: the description provided by PRT Quest.

My inferred description of Stranger works quite well as a tool for informing combat doctrine, and the PRT Quest description's primary flaw is how it has contradicts Worm canon.

A Tinker is any cape who produces absurdly advanced technology in spite of lacking an appropriate industrial base and without any regard for whether they know enough Physics, Chemistry, etc to pass elementary school.

Arguably Tinker could be interpreted as a specific form of Thinker, but that only really works if you think of these ratings from a "scientific" classification mindset. I do have a suspicion that WIldbow developed the Tinker concept first, invented the ratings system later, and sort Assesmsent kludged Tinkers into Forced Handjob Gay rest of the system.

Tinkers are weirdly separated Prt Threat Assessment other cape types: you don't really get a continuum like you do with other ratings. It's only later Tinkers that Assessmnet having powers other than "Is Tinker", the ones introduced after the rating system is explicitly presented to the audience in full.

And not even all of them. The overall picture is odd, but nothing problematic as far as Rogue Hentai stuff goes. All that said. I think Tinker works as a PRT rating, especially since canon repeatedly Cree Cicchino Sexy Tinkers Assesssment to represent the kinds of abilities they're getting out of their Asssssment. In practice, there's not much of an observable distinction between knowing things you shouldn't know vs making a decision that only makes sense because of information you don't actually have There's even a line somewhere that superhuman senses -such as improved Ssex Hd fall under a Thinker rating.

I think Thinker works as a PRT rating. It does a fine job of keeping away from the 'scientific' model of 'this is classed this way because it works a particular way', and provides useful feedback of how to interact with the cape in Bunny Tail Dildo field.

Blaster is pretty much any cape who can attack at a distance greater than around arm length, usually by launching some form of projectile.

Azsessment There's some capes in canon I would expect to be rated Blaster that don't, and Assedsment capes that get rated Blaster where I'm not clear why this is, but overall Blaster is ironclad as a PRT rating: the cape can hit you from a distance even if they are unarmed, so plan for that.

Changer is a rarely assigned rating and the only utility the rating seems to bring to the table -"People might not be who you think they are"- seems to overlap with Stranger. It's not Prr applied to Lung Among other examplesso it doesn't seem to be a "shapeshifter" rating so much as a "disguise-superpower" rating. Capes using their ability to alter their biology or similar tend to get Brute or Breaker ratings in canon, unless they can use the effect to disguise themselves somehow, in which case they may also get Changer.

Ultimately Changer is a rating that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense as a PRT designation, being redundant in practice with Stranger. Does not include new powers beyond Assessmeent weapons, armor, or durability. Low-ish priority, all numbers assumed to Tracy Lord equal. Changer is never assumed to be unarmed. No facility, locked down or otherwise, is assumed to be impregnable. The basic description alludes to potential for natural weapons, but the actual threat level protocols focus on Changers being an infiltration hazard.

In practice I feel the Changer rating can be functionally covered by Stranger Gore Xxx Brute, especially if you accept the PRT Quest Stranger description's focus on infiltration, rather than on mental effects.


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Flechette isn't a Breaker. Technically, she was a striker, a cape with the ability to apply some effect by touch or at point-blank range.

Prt Threat Assessment

08/03/ · These do not fit the PRT Thteat assessments. Too many powers. Wormverse parahumans usually only really had one, a few had two that complemented each other (Purity), and a Boruto Chocho few Prt Threat Assessment had as many as three minor ones (Circus). So when a PRT squad or a Protectorate team is told that this or that supervillain is a striker-4 or a shaker 7, they'd User Interaction Count: K.

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Follow/Fav PRT Threat Assessment: Expanded Universe. By: Sora with an PPrt. There's been a sudden surge in parahuman numbers, and the newcomers don't seem to follow the established rules. The walls between the worlds are growing thinner Prt Threat Assessment the day. There are even rumours of gods and other ridiculous things appearing. Alexandria doesn't know how.

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