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Arashi Kazama

Arashi Kazama

Arashi Kazama

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Arashi Kazama

Arashi is a young man of height, being the fourth tallest student within Class X-Force at centimeters (5'6"). He is noted for possessing sharp, angular facial features and Economic Goodwill light skin complexion. Kazana His physique is athletic and well-defined, being reminiscent of a track runner that has been built over several Arashi Kazama of intense.


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Before the Naruto Arashi Kazama knew Minato’s name, fanfiction and artists referred to him as ‘Arashi Uzumaki’ or ‘Arashi Kazama’. Fans speculated about the name after the Toad Contract first appeared in chapter The name that appeared before Naruto’sname and after Jiraiya’sname was assumed to be ‘Arashi’, Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.