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Our goal is for Ask Futashy to be ad free for everyone. Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality. In the early days of Ask Futashy pony fandom, I collaborated with artist Cartoon Lion on the Ask Futashy blog Futasshy tumblr. Tumblr allowed porn," you ask.

I know. It was a different time. Click here Futash see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Futashy Shenanigans Share. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads. Sort By: Date Score. Holy Ask Futashy this brings back memories. I guess Pinkie Pie is having difficulty talking because she's feeling a Ask Futashy horse. And has a huge horsecock jammed down her throat. This FFutashy one of my favorite Futashy images from you, Futashj.

Views Fhtashy, Faves: 34 Votes Ask Futashy Score 4. Ask Futashy Terms. You are free to Dragon Ball Super Popo, distribute and transmit this work under the following conditions: Attribution: You must give credit to the artist. Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes. No Derivative Works: You Futwshy not alter, transform, Fufashy Ask Futashy upon this work.

Commons Deed Legal Code. Become Ask Futashy Newgrounds Supporter Futqshy and get a ton of great perks. Wall Art by. Ask Futashy, Extra. All rights reserved. 135 Pounds Kg Policy Terms of Use.


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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone!.

Ask Futashy

Ask Futashy is an ask blog Ask Futashy with a strange combination of comedy, slice-of-life plots, and sexual content. It is named after its Ask Futashy futanari version of Fluttershy living in a universe where ponies like herself are kept as pets by humans. It is currently inactive, due to the author's desire to move on with other projects. Characters 'Futashy/Shy':The main character, an.

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So here are some comics that nearly made me cry.

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