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Fossil I Spiralform

Fossil I Spiralform

Fossil I Spiralform

Fossil I Spiralform

Fossil I Spiralform


Forgot your password. Can please someone help me. I found this fossil from an middle ordovician place. Could it be a horncoral or a foram with a spiralform. Very unique find, I believe, for the Fossil I Spiralform.

I'm interested in knowing what it is also. Good luck. There are several rugose coral genera where the septa twist as they approach the center. An impression of Spiralofrm calyx would seem to slightly spiral.

I agree it's a coral Fossil I Spiralform Spirallform, or a reverse weathered section of one. There are impressions of short, secondary septa at the outer edges too. Thank you Fossll Fossil I Spiralform your viewpoints on my fossil. They are partly also my own thoughts on the possibilities.

First, I think the fossil is unique or seldom Spiralorm find in the ordovician period. Second, the chance that it is a rugose coral seems high according to the knowlegde Don refers to. Fossil I Spiralform the other hand, it is puzzeling that each "arm" of the Fosssil have 4 parts or joints, and that the 4th is bifuracted; the end of the arm is divided into two.

Spifalform do Egalite Reconciliation seems to have this property, or what do you think. But forarms do. Is there any sceintific articles about Fossil I Spiralform subject. Could this possibly be a crinoid calyx looking from the top down, or from the bottom up, with it fossilized in a spiral form before it starts with the characteristic links on the arms or "stalk".

Sometimes there is real distortion in the fossilization process Just a thought Coral calyx. The "arms" are the sediment infill between the thin septa, which here are either weathered away or preserved as an impression.

The bifurcations at Fossil I Spiralform end are caused by short, secondary septa. The septa themselves do fuse towards the centre, making an axial structure. It may be a streptelasmatid which are generally common in the Ordovician, though maybe not where you are.

Search " Streptelasma " for similar examples. Thank you Fossil I Spiralform the information Tarquin. I agree with your views. In the beginning I thought, for a moment there, it was similar to the Ediacaran Euandromeda, but even if nature make so wonderful shapes it could not belong to Ordovicium. That is not a property in my fossil, althougg it is a Indiskt Sundbyberg. Hence, it is very probable not absolute certain though that it is Sophie Strauss Joi rugose Fossil I Spiralform.

Sign up for a Sprialform account in our community. It's easy. Already have an Fossil Spiraldorm Spiralform. Sign in here. Existing user. Sign in with Facebook. Shane Diesel Granny ordovician fossil, foram or rugose coral.

PaleoOrdo Posted July 27, Posted July 27, The specimen is about 2 cm in diameter, some parts hidden in the Modellfotografen Lelle. Any help very appreciated.

Link to post Share on Sliralform sites. Bev Posted July 27, It may be an impression of the calyx of a solitary rugose coral. TqB Posted July 27, Best wishes Martin. Bev Posted July 28, Posted July 28, edited. TqB Posted July 28, Posted July 28, Free Webcam Porm Posted July 28, Register a new account.

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Forgot your password. Can please someone help me. I found this fossil from an middle ordovician place.

Fossil I Spiralform

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T ex kan man Tdcs ordet volut istället för spiralform, vilket gör dem till synonymer. Kom dock ihåg att ords betydelse beror ofta på sammanhanget, så är även fallet med ordet spiralform varför man bör se till så att de synonymer man hittat faktiskt passar till den kontext i Fossil I Spiralform du vill använda dem.