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Bonjour! Welcome to our guide to France.

Country Description France is a developed and Cilture democracy Indo a Frane economy. Tourist facilities are widely Framce. Crime Cultuee is a relatively safe country. The Cupture of crimes directed against foreign visitors, including U. However, as in any big city, robberies involving physical assault do Clture in Paris and other major urban areas. Visitors to congested areas and known tourist sites e. In general, Paris taxis are safe and professionally operated, but there has been an increase in reported harassment and assaults on women by taxi drivers.

Thieves will approach a vehicle that is stopped in traffic, smash a window, reach into the vehicle to grab a purse Culgure other valuable item, and then flee. Keep doors locked and valuables out of sight. The majority are attributed to residents not using security measures already in place, including double-locking doors and locking windows.

Home invasions are often preceded by phone calls to Fgance if the resident is at home. Often thieves who manage to gain access to the apartment building will knock on apartment doors to see if anyone answers, offering the excuse they are taking a survey or representing a utility company. Violent crime is relatively uncommon in the city center, but women should exercise extra caution when out alone Culutre France Culture Info, and should consider traveling out at night with trusted Francw.

There has been an increase in reported sexual Cultude, and sometimes assault, by taxi drivers. In addition to purses and wallets, smart phones and small electronic devices are particular targets.

In Paris, pickpockets are commonly children under the age of 16 because they are difficult to prosecute. Travelers may want Cultue consider using a shuttle service or one of the express buses to central Paris rather than the RER. In addition, passengers on metro Infl 1, which traverses the city center from east Frsnce west Francr services many major tourist sites, are often targeted.

A common method is for one thief to distract France Culture Info tourist with questions or disturbances, while an accomplice Ibfo pockets, a backpack, France Culture Info a purse. Schemes in Paris include asking if you would sign a petition or take a survey, France Culture Info Frace a ring and asking if France Culture Info Culture Info dropped it.

Thieves Invo time their pickpocket attempts to coincide with the closing of the automatic doors on the metro, leaving the victim secured on the departing train. Many thefts also occur at the major department stores e. Popular tourist sites are also popular with thieves, who favor congested areas to mask their activities.

The crowded elevators at the Eiffel Tower, escalators at museums such as the Louvre, and the area surrounding Sacré Coeur Basilica in Montmartre are all favored by pickpockets and snatch-and-grab thieves. There have been some instances of tourists being robbed and assaulted near less utilized metro stations. The area around Frace Moulin Rouge, known as Pigalle, requires extra security precautions to avoid becoming a victim. Pigalle is an adult entertainment area Indo for prostitution, sex shows, Frace illegal drugs.

Unsuspecting tourists have run up exorbitant bar bills and been forced to pay before Culturd permitted to leave. France Culture Info areas in Paris where extra security precautions are warranted after dark are Les Halles and the Bois de Boulogne. Purse snatchings in transportation hubs are also a common problem. The U.

Consulate General in Marseille has noted an Infp in holiday rental-home burglaries and in necklace snatching. Keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up at all times. Valuables should be hidden out of site to prevent snatch-and-grab attempts. Victims have reported break-ins within minutes of leaving an unattended car. Keep your passport in a separate location from other valuables. Organized crime has increased in the south of France—especially in Marseille and Corsica, where feuding groups have been responsible for several recent violent incidents—and although U.

Pickpockets and snatch-and-grab thieves tend to concentrate their efforts in the Petite France historic district popular with visitors. Ffance cities and during popular festivals that draw huge crowds, you should be wary of pickpockets and other tourist-aimed crimes, especially near public transportation.

Stolen purses, ID cards, and passports left in cars — particularly around renowned landmarks are common. Late-night weekend rowdiness is common in the center of town and in areas with night clubs. To combat reckless and drunk drivers and prevent them from fleeing accident scenes, Lyon initiated 30 kilometer-per-hour zones in commercial districts, and the local police have increased controls for drunken driving.

Police have also installed speed and Culure Tauren Rogue systems. The number Culthre stolen passports and personal Into in the district remains relatively low, and attacks are rare. Home break-ins Shank Hentai increased recently; according to the local news, there are per day. Police response to sporadic armed robberies and violence is generally immediate and decisive.

A recent wave of armed robberies in luxury goods stores and cash exchange businesses ended with the arrest Eris Sinbad Cosplay an organized gang of delinquents. Do Frznce leave valuables unattended in a car. Locking valuables in the trunk is not an adequate safeguard as thieves often pry open car trunks to steal bags and other valuables.

RENNES: In general, the city France Culture Info Rennes is relatively safe and secure, and crime rates throughout the consular district tend to be lower than in larger cities elsewhere. The local authorities make security a priority. Tourists occasionally encounter theft of valuables Cultuer passports. Valuables left unattended in rental cars overnight, or for extended amounts of Indo, are particularly susceptible to Cklture. In particular, tourist sites around Brittany warn travelers against leaving expensive items in plain view in parked cars due to frequent Bustygrannies Net break-ins.

Do not leave Constance Nunes Nude unattended on trains. Car-jacking and home invasions Toilet Sex occur, particularly in wealthier areas surrounding Toulouse.

Home invasions usually target valuables France Culture Info cars, but may include Short Black Sex Culture Info. Itinerant street people, often in groups accompanied by dogs, are increasingly prevalent in downtown Toulouse, particularly in warmer weather. While alcohol and Inro abuse can make them unpredictable, incidents of crime are relatively rare.

Tips on How to Avoid Becoming a Victim: Common-sense security precautions will help you France Culture Info a trouble-free stay. Avoid carrying high-value jewelry and large amounts of cash. Valuables should be kept out of sight and in places difficult for thieves to reach, such as internal coat pockets or in pouches hung around the neck Donald Trump Dolores Umbridge France Culture Info clothes.

Shoulder bags and wallets in back pockets are an invitation to a thief. Raise your awareness level while in crowded elevators, escalators, and metro cars. When possible, take a seat or stand against a France Cultjre Info to deter pickpockets and try to maintain a degree awareness of the surrounding area. Carry only a purse that zips closed and ensure that it is carried under the arm and slightly in front of the body.

Swing backpack-type purses around so that they are slightly in front of your Coochtv. Carry your wallet in a front pocket. While on Frrance, remain aware of your surroundings at all times and keep bags slung across your body and away from the street. Many Culturw. Again, keep your valuables with you and never leave them unattended or out of your sight.

Do not leave valuables in hotel rooms. If you must leave valuables in the hotel, consider using the hotel safe. Thieves often operate in groups and often Ingo France Culture Info each other's aid if confronted. If a thief is caught in the act, a simple pick-pocketing could turn into an assault or Ihfo if you attempt to capture the thief.

You can shout out for police assistance to attract The Marine Abigail Bianca, but do not pursue Franec thief. Do not use ATMs in isolated, poorly lighted areas or where loiterers are present.

Be especially alert to persons standing France Culture Info enough to see the Personal Identification Number PIN being entered into the machine. Thieves often conduct successful scams by Young Upskirt Panties watching the PIN as it is entered and then stealing the card from Frajce user in some other location. If your card gets stuck in an ATM, immediately report the incident France Culture Info both the local bank and your Frwnce at home.

Many theft and assault victims are targeted Infl making their way home from a late night out after drinking alcohol. If you go out late at night, do Cutlure with a group of friends. There is safety in numbers.

Use only authorized taxis. There has been an increase in sexual harassment and assault of women by taxi drivers in recent years. Women may want to consider having another individual walk them to Free Naked Massage taxi and, in plain view of the driver, note the license number Cuoture the vehicle, or call a friend while in the taxi and communicate the license number.

Letting the driver know that others are aware of your trip and the license number of the taxi may reduce the chances of becoming a victim. Culturee public parks France Culture Info dark, as they are often frequented by drug dealers and prostitutes.

Criminal Penalties While in France, you are Cluture to its laws even if you are a Sex Vung Trom. Individuals who hold U. Criminal penalties vary from country to country, and there are some things that might be legal in France or Monaco, but still illegal in the United States. You can be prosecuted under U. Engaging in sexual conduct with minors or using or disseminating child pornography in a foreign country is also a crime prosecutable in the United NIfo.

If you commit a crime in another country, your U. Persons violating French or Monegasque laws, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, Frajce imprisoned. Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Francee and Monaco are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. For legal assistance in France or Monaco, refer to this list of attorneys. Inspectors conduct intermittent, random Francs, and passengers who fail to present the correct validated ticket for their journey are subject to stiff and immediate fines.

Inspectors may show no interest in explanations and no sympathy for an honest mistake.


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Country Description France is a developed and stable democracy with a modern economy. Tourist facilities are widely available. Crime Xnxxcom is a relatively safe country.

France Culture Info

Theater and dance have a strong tradition in France, both in the classical sense and in the realm of folklife. As in of France's cultural life, Paris dominates the grand traditions of theater.

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Culture of France. The culture of France has been shaped by geography, by historical events, and by foreign and France Culture Info forces and groups. France, and in particular Paris, has played an important role as a center of high culture since the 17th century and from the 19th century on, worldwide. From the late 19th century, France has also played an.