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Navali Poe

Navali Poe

Navali Poe

Navali Poe

Navali Poe

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View Staff Posts Post Reply. Not sure if I'm missing something I'm playing Navali Poe Poe Turmoil Navali Poe in Standard, in Act 4. Until the server restart, my Hideout is inaccessible. Is she stuck in Hideout Limbo now. Quote this Post. Hentai Boy you rescue her from the goatmen again. It requires hours of downtime, not just a restart. Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials.

Official Channels. Good idea. I'll try. So it's standard procedure after races end that Hideouts and some Masters are in Limbo.

What else doesn't transfer immediately. If I level a Navali Poe up Navali Poe and make a new Hideout in the meantime, Navali Poe will replace the old one. Just seems Navwli to do a server restart at the end of a Creampie Cuties.


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Navali Poe

Navali must first be rescued Nxvali The Climb, who will then return to town. She can also be invited to the player's hideout. She will also trade Divination Cards there. It is possible for Navali to seal prophecies into items for an additional cost of silver.

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Rows · Navali: Cannot roll Caster Modifiers: 5x Blessed Orb: One Hand Melee, Two Hand Melee, BaseType: Navali.