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Nitpicking is Nitpicking term, first used Nitpickingthat describes the action of giving too much attention to unimportant detail.

The terminology originates from the common Nitpickibg of manually removing nits the eggs of licegenerally head lice from another person's hair. Nitpicjing nitpicking inherently requires fastidious attention Nitpicking detail, the term has become appropriated to describe the practice of meticulously searching for minor, even trivial errors in detail. Nitpicking has been used to describe dishonest Nitpicoing, [6] and bullying employers.

This vocabulary -related article is a stub. Nitpicking can help Nitpicking by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meticulously looking for trivial errors, a term originating from removing lice eggs from hair. For other uses, see Nitpicking disambiguation. Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 10 January Professional learners dictionary of spoken English. PHI Learning Pvt. Nitpicking ISBN In Schachner, Lawrence A. Pediatric Dermatology E-Book. Tapeworms, Lice, and Prions: A compendium of unpleasant infections.

Oxford University Press. Fraudulent Claims and Nitpicky Insurers. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly. ISSN Head louse Crab louse Body louse. Pediculosis Pediculosis corporis Phthiriasis. Cooties Sucking louse Louse. Categories : Nitpickin Vocabulary and usage stubs. Hidden categories: Articles with short Nitpicking Short description is different from Wikidata Marina Montana The Exxxceptions Episode 2 articles.

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Nitpicking is a term, first used inthat Nitpicking the action of giving too much attention to unimportant detail. The terminology originates from the common act of manually removing nits the eggs of liceNitpicking head lice from another person's hair.


31 synonyms and near synonyms of nitpicking from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 antonyms and near antonyms. Nitpicking Find another word for nitpicking.

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27/08/ · Nitpicking in Nitpicking revolves around finding faults, awful remarks, the need to condemn others, and unnecessary dissatisfaction. A nitpicky person often feels the need to Nitpicking others for baseless reasons due to underlying anger over something.