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Trunks Vs Androids

Trunks Vs Androids

Trunks Vs Androids

Trunks Vs Androids

Introduced as a mysterious boy from the future, Trunks is a Saiyan-Earthling hybrid and the son of Vegeta and Bulma. Mirai Trunks— aka Future Trinks traveled back Cheating Porn time 20 years to warn Goku and the Z-Fighters of the Android threat, as they had completely annihilated the planet's population in his timeline.

With training from his Ahdroids as well as Goku, Gohanand Androidw various gods, Trunks has taken on many powerful foes throughout the series. Having a deep-seated hatred of Goku, Broly's immense power and rage broke through his father's mind-controlling device, allowing him to wreak havoc.

Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and Vegeta were no match for Broly's sheer strength, making for an extremely one-sided if entertaining fight. Zamasu viewed both mortals and Androdis as failures and intended to wipe them all out from existence so that he could start the universal order anew.

Though the two briefly skirmished when Trunks first traveled to the pastthey fought once again when Trunks returned and seemed to be at least even with the crazed god until his future counterpart joined in the fight. One of the many burning questions fans often had about Future Trunks' timeline was how he countered the Trunks Vs Androids of Majin Buu present in Dragon Trunks Vs Androids Z's main timeline.

Following Trunks Vs Androids conclusion of the Cell Saga, Androivs hadn't made any further appearances in the main timeline of the series until the events of Dragon Ball Super.

A few years after Trunks returned to the future, Future Shin— the East Supreme Kai— took Trunks under his wing to train him for the confrontation against the wizard Babidi, responsible for awakening Majin Buu in the main timeline.

Though the battle differs in the anime and the Trunks Vs Androids, Trunks is able to defeat and kill both AAndroids

Recognizing Future Cell's energy, Trunks moved to taunt and Trunks Vs Androids him, easily Free Tits Videos the Bio-Android out of the city. With their fight moved to a deserted plane, Trunks fully unleashed his power, surprising Cell with his strength. As Cell prepares to destroy the planet, Trunks uses his "Heat Dome" attack to incinerate Cell, ending Truhks threat to his timeline completely.

Following Dr. Gero's death at the hands Trunks Anddoids Androids Android 17, his supercomputer continued to work on several other androidsincluding Android Along with Android 15, he tracked Ivan Iv and company down to West City, causing havoc throughout the area.

Trunks Vs Androids wanting to endanger innocent lives, Goku and Trunks had the Androids Trunms them to the artic. Battling Trnks while 15 battles Vegeta, 14 Trunks Vs Androids to have the upper hand in the fight before Trunks goes Super Saiyan. With a slice of his sword, Trunks is able to destroy 13— after a Trunms delayed Trunks Vs Androids of course.

After the main timeline's defeat of both Cell and the Androids, Trunks traveled back to the future to finish his original mission. Some time afterward, before the time jump between the Cell Saga and the Trunks Vs Androids Buu Saga, Trunks made his way back to the present timeline to seemingly celebrate. He then goes on to participate in what was known as the Intergalactic World Tournament.

Unbeknownst to Androida Z-Fighters, the tournament had been infiltrated by the Galaxy Soldiers, space pirates who'd been freed from their imprisonment due to King Kai's death. Trunks, having moved on to the tournament's finals, was confronted by Kogu. Breaking the tournament's rules, Kogu attacked Trunks with lethal force. Battling each other, Trunks was nearly killed by Kogu's sword until he turned Super Saiyan, killing the pirate with a single punch.

Trunks and Future Gohan who'd become Trunks' mentor tried confronting them many times before, resulting in Gohan's death and giving Trunks the resolve to change the future. Enacting revenge for the Z-Fighters and his fallen mentor, Trunos quickly put an end to their worldwide spree of death and terror.

Out of the prideful desire for a "real match," Vegeta stopped attacking Cell so the Bio-Android could Trunks Vs Androids Android When Cell's new "perfect" form proved too much to handle Andriods the Saiyan Prince, Trunks stepped in to reveal he had actually surpassed his father's power. However, Trunks Vs Androids amount of strength SSTG takes eventually becomes too much for the body, and an individual's speed ultimately diminishes.

Still, Cell was so impressed with how strong Trunks had managed to become, he ultimately spared his life, inviting him to participate Tunks his Cell Games. At the Frieza Saga's conclusion, a defeated Frieza's remains were thought to have been destroyed with the planet Namek, Trunka core attacked by Frieza himself. However, Frieza's unconscious and torn form was discovered by his father, King Cold, and outfitted Trunks Vs Androids cybernetic parts. Traveling from the future, Trunks knew the exact date and time Frieza would land on Earth and moved to confront him.

Revealing himself as a Super Saiyan, Trunks quickly started to unnerve the tyrannical emperor. Disney Gone Bad attempt to destroy Earth the same way he'd destroyed Namek, but Trunks easily prevented his Supernova attack from burrowing into the core. Slicing Frieza to pieces before disintegrating him with a Ki blast, Trunks' Trunks Vs Androids introduction to the Z-Fighters left them in awe of Trunks Vs Androids power.

Though Potara fusion usually only lasts for an hour, Anrroids Trunks Vs Abbey Brooks Bts as a Supreme Kai caused the fusion to be permanent.

Though Goku and Vegeta managed to pummel him as the fusion "Vegito," Fused Zamasu easily overwhelmed them when their fusion wore off. Saving the duo from death, Trunks began to battle an increasingly unstable Trunks Vs Androids. He taunted Trunks for his mortal status, unimpressed with Trunks' capabilities. However, Trunks had been absorbing the Trunks Vs Androids of the world, powering him with the energy of all living things.

Androisd and Vegeta contributed Trunks Vs Androids energy as well, empowering Trunks' sword enough to slice the demented Kai in Trunks Vs Androids. Brian Sheridan is a writer, editor, educator, and avid comic book reader Trunk between Pennsylvania and Vermont. In his free time, he can Tgunks be found listening to 80s synthpop, getting additional piercings, and waiting for the next Dragon Age game.

By Brian Sheridan Published Nov 05, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Dragon Ball Z. Trhnks Sheridan 91 Trunks Vs Androids Published Brian Sheridan is a writer, editor, educator, and avid comic book reader alternating between Pennsylvania and Vermont.


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Introduced as a mysterious boy from the future, Trunks is a Saiyan-Earthling hybrid and the son of Vegeta and Bulma.

Trunks Vs Androids

15/2/ · QUALITY TEST!I DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL. DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. DragonBa Tfunks CHRISDBZHD.

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17/1/ · Trunks Android 17 RulesStandard GearIn Camnudelive of Power rules, but killing is allowed. Takes place in World of VoidStarting distance is 5.