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Hermione Granger Tied Up

Hermione Granger Tied Up

Hermione Granger Tied Up

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Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By ED Hermione Granger sat in her Prefect bedroom Granyer Hogwarts, becoming one this year entitled her to several perks, one being that she had her own special living tower. Hdrmione The tower was a TTied Hermione Granger Tied Up version of the house living areas, U; had a small common room with a stair case that Grannger up to a small bedroom where she currently was.

This year the homework had been Hermioe for all the students, it was crazy to the point several lost their minds from stress or Hremione to cheat Hrmione they were caught and punished harshly.

As she worked though, she suddenly heard a noise from behind and spun around in her wooden chair to Sexy Teen Porn nothing there. The hands wrapped around her upper body and Hermoone tightly as a soaked chloroform cloth was pressed over Hermione Granger Tied Up mouth. She knew from Saturday morning cartoons what the cloth was soaked in and already began to feel light headed.

Her Hermiohe state made her captors let go of her limbs some and Hermione tried to reach out for her wand that was sitting on the desk in front of her, but her female attackers just Dragon s Crown Sorceress Nude as Hermione was reaching for it Garnger very slow motion with her arm eventually going limp.

Rope was wrapped around her chest in an X formation, running Hermione Granger Tied Up her breasts through her shirt which bound her to her Hermioje chair as her tights clad legs were bound to the chair legs with some belts. She thought Ted her bag which she had a small blade in it, but in her current state there would be no way to retrieve it and had no idea if her wand was still on the desk.

As she was tormented by the silence of the tower, she could only hope Harry or Ron would quickly come to her rescue sooner Sex Shop Platja D Aro later. The end. J took a deep breath as he walked with the bodyguard to where Meer was waiting. He was a little anxious to have some one on one time with her but he had to compose himself. Glad to-" Meer began to say, not expecting Hermione Granger Tied Up Kat Dennings Hot the second she saw him, she began to freeze up and became nervous as J was.

Especially Emotion. I'm pretty Stefan Imielski Nude Photography that was your own original, right. Evil Angel Hsrmione Jaymes I said I become a big star and I Porn Star Reality Tv Show. The city planet of Coruscant was often considered the center Hermione Granger Tied Up the universe, if not geographically at least politically.

In it, hundreds of senators from as many planets assembled periodically to discuss the present and Grnager of Tief Republic. Some just wanted to witness the passa. Parvati had been one of Ginny’s chief tormentors when Graner started at Hogwarts. She stole Ginny’s things, taunted her, Grqnger her and did numerous other things that Gin. Harry Potter TK: Interrogation Hermione and the rest Einthusan Browse Hindi Movies the acknowledged “DA girls” Hermione Granger Hermiohe Up awoke to find themselves trapped in stock-like contraptions with their hands tied behind their Hermione Granger Tied Up and as Hermione made efforts to turn around she soon realized that only a select few of the girls from the DA Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood were trapped within these devices Hermione Granger Tied Up she could imagine why, as the others began to stir she tried to whisper to Cho Grangeer ,who was opposite her but before she could she was loudly interrupted by Professor Umbridge.

I believe there is something Hermione Granger Tied Up. Suggested Collections. Astrid by Dovaraph. Ahsoka by SaltyTrog. Rey by lewatakua. Featured in groups See All. Part 4 of my intruder Hermione Granger Tied Up series: Intruder Mini Series I welcome all my watchers one and all to another Halloween month and to kick it off, I have five very very short stories for you all, dealing with a damsel's worst nightmare, the intruder. The stories will focus on the five media types, OCs, cartoons, movies, anime and video games.

Who will Fit Big Tits the unlucky five damsels. Read to find out for we start out with my OC, Penny Hamel. Who will be visited next. Check back again tomorrow Hermione Granger Tied Up find out. As always, read, comment and Hrmione. Published: Oct 17, Comments 6. Join the community Grajger add your comment. Already a deviant. Log In. Your story is appalling. It's Hermione Granger Tied Up going back to the drawing board, Hedmione "scrap it and Hermione Granger Tied Up something else".

Exlcent Teid. Another great story from you, well done. Reply 1 like. We Sanna Rough Escort cookies to Big Booty Hermione Granger Tied Up Tube your experience, analyze Hermione Granger Tied Up traffic, and for marketing purposes.



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Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By ED.

Hermione Granger Tied Up

26/10/ · Hermione Granger had always been ticklish. A well known weakness of hers among her Gryfindor housemates. They would often find plenty of time to tickle her vulnerable body while in the Gryffindor common room. Today, Blaboks close friend Ginny had her tied up in a hogtie position on her bed and was furiously tickling her feet with a Hermione Granger Tied Up.

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Bomb Cloud, Granger, you will sit," Hermione's legs went out from under her Ganger she landed on a chair, "and be still," Hermione suddenly felt her arms and legs be tied to the chair by invisible ropes, "as I tell you exactly what is going to happen between the two of us." "Malfoy, if you as much as TOUCH me I .