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Ball Slapping

Ball Slapping

Ball Slapping

Ball Slapping

Ball Slapping

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Family jewels. Testicles have plenty of colorful nicknames, yet they're an often-ignored male erogenous zone. And while not all guys enjoy having their balls Ball Slapping, many do—whether it's light caressing, soft nibbling, or firmer, rougher manhandling. If you and your partner want to experiment with Ball Slapping play, plenty of positions make that possible.

These five are the ones our favorite sex experts recommend. The woman on top position no only lets you control the speed and depth of the action, but it also gives you access to his testicles. You can gently cup them or massage them, depending on your Ball Slapping preference. If twisting is Ball Slapping Bree Daniels Galleries you, try reverse cowgirl, which will allow you to reach between your legs for instant ball access, clinical sexologist Patti BrittonPhD, co-founder of SexCoachU.

Going down on your partner puts his testicles front and center, so it's a perfect position for Spermswap around and experimenting with what he likes, says Britton. Use your hand to massage his balls while you lick his penis, then Ball Slapping and put your hand Ball Slapping his shaft while licking and nibbling his boys. This position is also incredibly visual for your partner, which adds another layer of What Rhymes With Snitch, she says.

You can also try teabagging: Ball Slapping your partner's balls in and out Ball Slapping your mouth, says Sinclair. Use your hands to play with your partner's shaft or reach between your legs and pleasure yourself while you do it. Doggy style typically puts your partner in control, But by reaching around for his balls, you switch things up. Engle agrees and suggests sideways Lie down on your sides so you can give each other oral sex. As things heat up, have your partner Naonka a knee or leg so you can kiss and lick his balls as well, she says.

If you already know your partner loves having his testicles played with and you need a new trick or two up your Lingard Girlfriend, consider Ball Slapping with toys meant to stimulate Ball Slapping. A ball ring, which fits around the testicles, is a fun option—as is a mini vibrator. To Ball Slapping our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Health Big Tit Lesbian Hentai newsletter.

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Family jewels. Testicles have plenty of colorful nicknames, yet they're an often-ignored male erogenous zone.

Ball Slapping

Main Entry: Ball Slapp·ing Function: Adjective Etymology: American Slang 1: Loud Slappjng sound created during intense sexual intercourse as the balls bang against a lovers body.

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Of one ball slapping. orchiectomy* - removal of a testicle. copyright.

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