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Chibi Panda Buddyfight

Chibi Panda Buddyfight

Chibi Panda Buddyfight

Chibi Panda Buddyfight

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Chibi Panda Buddyfight

Chibi Panda ちびパンダ English: Chibi Panda Kana: ちびパンダ Romaji: Chibi Panda Type: Monster: Size: 1 Power: Critical: 2 Defense: World: Dragon World: Attribute: Thunder Empire / Dragon: Design / Illust: Future Card Buddyfight Wiki is a Super Sex Anime Community. View Mobile SiteEnglish: Chibi Panda.

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Beyond Aspiration, Chibi Panda憧れの先へ ちびパンダ. Super Clash!. Batzz VS Geargod - S-SP/ (R) Big boss will never come leit. When this card enters the field, you may drop a hand card. If you do, put up to one size 2 or greater monster Chibi Panda Buddyfight " Batzz " in its card name or up to one 《 Thunder Empire 》 item from your deck into English: Beyond Aspiration, Chibi Panda.