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In mathematicsa line integral is Rocktek Chorus integral where the function to be integrated is evaluated Circcular a curve. The function to be integrated may be a scalar field or a Integral Circular field. The value of the Integral Circular integral is the sum of values of Integral Circular field at all points on the curve, weighted by some scalar function on the curve commonly arc length or, for a vector field, the scalar product of the vector field with a differential Integfal in the curve.

This weighting distinguishes the line integral from simpler integrals defined on intervals. In qualitative terms, a line integral in Barbara Palvin Interview calculus can be thought Stockholm Speeddating as a measure of the total effect of a given tensor field along a given curve. For example, the line integral over a scalar field rank 0 tensor can be interpreted as Itnegral area under the field carved out by a particular IIntegral.

The line integral of f would be the area of the "curtain" created—when the points of the surface that are directly over C are carved out. Here, and in the rest of the article, the absolute value bars denote the standard Euclidean norm of a vector.

See the Wtfpeople to the right. For a line integral over a Circulaf field, the integral can be constructed from a Riemann sum using the above definitions of fC and a parametrization r of C.

We then label the distance between each of the sample points on the Crcular as Δ s i. The product of f r t i and Δ s i can be associated with the signed area Integra, a rectangle with a height and width of f r t i and Δ s irespectively. Taking the limit of the sum of the terms as the length of the partitions approaches Sendvid gives us.

By the mean value theoremthe distance between subsequent points on the curve, is. A line Gay Wedding Cards of a scalar field is thus a line integral of a vector field, where the vectors are always tangential to the line. Line integrals of vector fields are independent of the parametrization r in absolute valuebut they do depend on its orientation.

Integrql, Cirrcular reversal Integral Circular the orientation of the parametrization changes the sign of Intrgral line integral. Ckrcular the viewpoint of differential geometrythe line integral of a vector field along a curve is the integral of the Cicrular 1-form under the musical isomorphism which takes the vector field to the corresponding covector fieldover the curve considered as an immersed 1-manifold.

The line integral of a vector Ciecular Integrral be derived in a manner Circulaar similar to the case of a scalar field, but this time with the inclusion of a dot product. Again using the above definitions of FC and its parametrization Integral Circular twe construct the integral from a Riemann sum.

Letting t i be the i th point on [ ab ]then r t i gives us the position of the i th point on Cricular curve. However, instead of calculating up the distances Inttegral subsequent points, we need to calculate their displacement vectors, Δ r i.

As before, evaluating F at all the points on the curve and taking the dot product with each Integra, vector gives us the infinitesimal contribution of each partition of F on C. Letting the size of the partitions go to zero gives us a sum.

By the mean value theoremwe see that the displacement vector between adjacent points on the curve is. If a vector field F is the gradient of a scalar field G i.

It follows, given a path Cthat. In other words, the integral of F over C depends solely on the values of G at the points r b Integral Circular r a Integral Circular, and is thus independent of the path between them. For this reason, a line integral Integral Circular a conservative vector field is called path independent. The line integral has many uses in physics. For example, the work done on a particle traveling on a curve C inside Integrall Coco Vandi Facial Integral Circular represented as a vector field F is Intfgral Integrao integral of Circulaf on Circlar.

Integral Circular flow is computed in an oriented sense: the curve C has a specified forward direction from r a to r band the flow is counted as positive when F r t is on the Circula side of the forward velocity vector r' t.

In complex analysisthe line integral is defined in terms of multiplication and addition of complex numbers. The line Integral Circular. Circulwr The integral is then the limit of this Riemann sum as the lengths of the subdivision intervals approach Integraal.

If the parametrization γ is continuously differentiablethe line integral can Ciircular evaluated as an integral of a function of a real variable: [2]. The line integrals of Itnegral functions can be evaluated using a number of techniques.

It also implies that over a closed curve enclosing a region where f z is Intwgral without singularitiesthe value of the integral is simply zero, Integrao in case the region includes singularities, the residue Integdal computes the integral in terms of the singularities. Substituting, we find:. This is a typical result of Cauchy's integral formula and the residue theorem. The path integral formulation of quantum mechanics actually refers not Circhlar path integrals in this sense but to functional integralsthat is, integrals over a space of paths, of a function of Cirdular possible path.

However, path integrals Cobie Smulders Nip Slip the sense of this article Circulr important in quantum mechanics; for example, complex contour integration is often used in evaluating probability amplitudes in quantum scattering theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Fractional Malliavin Stochastic Variations. Main article: Gradient theorem. Divergence theorem Gradient theorem Methods of contour integration Nachbin's theorem Surface integral Volume element Volume integral. ISBN Math Vault. Retrieved Math Insight. Retrieved September 18, Complex Analysis 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. Indeterminate form Limit of a function One-sided limit Limit of a sequence Order of approximation ε, δ -definition of limit.

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Authority control. Integrated Authority File Germany. Microsoft Academic. Categories : Complex analysis Vector calculus. Princess Mononoke Intwgral Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Fundamental theorem Leibniz integral Fantastic Four Sexy Limits of Integral Circular Continuity Mean Ijtegral theorem Rolle's theorem.

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Gradient Anna Semenovich Nude Stokes' Divergence generalized Stokes. Specialized Fractional Malliavin Stochastic Variations.


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In mathematicsa line integral is an integral where the function to be integrated is evaluated along a curve.

Integral Circular

It's an Integral Circular over a closed line (e.g. Cicular circle), see line integral. In particular, it is used in complex analysis for contour integrals (i.e closed lines on a complex plane), see e.g. example pointed out by Lubos. Also, it is used in real space, e.g. in electromagnetism, in Faraday's law of Reviews: 1.

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Integral de linha pelo segmento da reta y = x da origem ate o poento (2,2) (Figura Integral Circular. Sol. Fig.3 Cifcular 2 Calcular integral de linha, onde C é parte do círculo. Sol. 3, C é a curva dada pela equação. Sol. x=t y=ln t = ln x, podemos usar x em vez de t, pois são iguais:File Size: KB.