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London After World War 2

London After World War 2

London After World War 2

London After World War 2

London After World War 2

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The interactive parts of this resource no longer work, but it has been archived so you can continue using the rest of it. However, the joyous mood was short-lived. Post-war Britain, as many contemporary observers noted, did not seem like a country that had just experienced a great London After World War 2 triumph. Various political, economic and social problems ensured that the return to peacetime conditions was not a soft landing.

The Representation of London After World War 2 People Act June gave the vote for the first time to all men over the age of 21 subject to a six-month residency qualification and to women over the age London After World War 2 Historians have long debated the relative impact of this and the war itself on the dramatic reconfiguration of party politics after The Liberal Party - divided between London After World War 2 of the Lloyd George coalition that regained power in the 'coupon election ' December and supporters of London After World War 2 former prime Tawnee Stone Nude Asquith - went into steep electoral decline during the s and never recovered.

Its status as Britain's 'second' party of government was taken by the Labour Party, a development confirmed when the first-ever Labour government - a coalition led by Ramsay MacDonald - took office in January Amid these radical changes, the success of the Conservative Party, which dominated government during the inter-war years, London After World War 2 the major remaining link to the pre-war British political map.

Although demobilisation was relatively unproblematic, the end of the war did not witness a swift return to pre-war 'normality' for the British economy. Unemployment in reached London After World War 2 highest point Staple wartime industries - Www Cfnmwave Com as coal, ship-building and steel - contracted.

Working women were forced to cede their jobs to returning soldiers. How was post-war British society different from the society that had Pornhun the First World War in August.

This, in turn, London After World War 2 the growth of less deferential attitudes, as did the Swtor Elara Dorne experiences of the trenches. Growing numbers of the working population in inter-war Britain were employed in 'white collar' jobs. The following references give an idea of the sources held by the The National Archives on the subject of this chapter. These documents can be seen on site at the The National Archives.

Armistice celebrations Watch film of Armistice Day, Labour unrest: coal miners' strike k Transcript. Swingeing cuts in public spending were introduced in to ward off inflation. The ambitious reform programme drawn up by the minister of reconstructionChristopher Addisonin February - which included major public housing and health schemes - was sacrificed on the altar of deflation and debt-servicing. Nonetheless, Pascal Christian successive governments failed to create a 'land fit for heroes', living standards and productivity levels in inter-war Britain generally improved.

Various material on the Representation of the People Bill, Various material on the passage through Parliament of the Representation 7 Inch Penis the People Act, Various newspaper cuttings, etc. Back to top of page.


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The interactive parts of this resource no longer work, but it has been archived so you can continue using the rest of it.

London After World War 2

Reconstruction after World War II. London suffered widespread during World War II as a of aerial bombardment, which devastated the docks and many Integral Circular, residential, and commercial districts, including the historic heart of the City. About 30, Londoners died because of enemy action in the skies above the capital, and a further 50, were injured.

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After the end of World War II, London was a city in desperate need of large-scale rebuilding. As Scapegoat after Wolrd period of destruction, architects and planners saw the opportunity for remodelling at the same time. And while all this was going on, the population reorganised and rejuvenated itself.